Camping Near A Waterpark: The Ideal Destination For Family Holidays

Tired of work, the hectic pace of everyday life, the year-round traffic jams in the city, it’s time to think about a vacation. To be able to take some time to rest finally, take care

Tired of work, the hectic pace of everyday life, the year-round traffic jams in the city, it’s time to think about a vacation. To be able to take some time to rest finally, take care of yourself and your family. Which destination should you choose this time? Go to the beach? To the mountains? But why not try the water parks? France is full of fabulous places for camping and water activities. There are plenty of activities to do, and there is something for everyone, young and old alike.

1. Water park: fun for the little ones


Camping and sleeping in a tent is something all children love. In fact, this is the accommodation method that attracts the most holidaymakers and tourists. As far as comfort is concerned, camping provides a real change of scenery and more freedom. Financially speaking, the price is affordable for everyone. Indeed, if you choose to stay in a hotel, children can not enjoy their vacation.

The play areas are usually located in a room between four walls like at home. On the other hand, if you choose to go camping, just playing in the open air will do them a lot of good. In addition, the activities offered are usually in an open space, but not necessarily in the middle of the forest.

In fact, the number of high-end campsites with swimming pools and giant slides has been growing steadily in recent years. Children can enjoy them all day long. However, only children taller than 1.20 m can access the slide for safety reasons. Moreover, the installation and use of these structures are governed by very strict standards to avoid accidents.

2. Suggestions for water parks to visit


In the past, campsites were simply intended for relaxation and hiking. But nowadays, it is not possible to conceive of a campsite without an outdoor pool. The concept makes it possible to combine both the change of scenery and relaxation with thrills. Indeed, the water parks currently look like amusement parks. There are slides with pools and breathtaking sliding plants.

3. Beach


The beach extends over 800 meters long on the banks of the river Ardèche. You will find two swimming pools, a slide, and paddling pools that can be heated in winter. Indeed, it is the ideal destination to spend unforgettable moments with your family.

The place is located far from the main roads but has bungalows and high-standing accommodation sites. Sports enthusiasts will also be served since the animators offer sports activities such as Zumba, kuduro, aqua gym.

4. Domaine de la Noue des Rois


The Domaine de la Noue des Rois campsite is located in the Grand-Est region. It is open all year round and invites you to camp in its mobile homes located on a quiet site by the lake. If you choose to spend your summer vacations here, the campsite offers you 280 m² of water space where you can enjoy a safe slide on the giant slides and paddling pools.

There are plenty of sports activities for those who don’t like swimming. You can let off steam during a game of fishing, petanque, volleyball, or windsurfing. Holidaymakers can do the same during the winter period as the campsite has a heated indoor pool.

5. Prepare meals


Whether it’s on a stove or over the fire, most of your favorite meals can be cooked and enjoyed in the forest! Try cooking a meal with your new stove before you leave if you’re particularly keen. If you’ve invested in a camp stove, practice lighting it once or twice before venturing out.

Camping stoves are often hotter than your regular stove, so cook on low heat and stir your food often. After you are finished at your campsite, place your stove on a flat surface away from flammable materials, including your tablecloth.

Decided to cook over the fire? Wait for the fire to die down and enjoy the glowing coals for even cooking. Use the built-in campfire grill in your fireplace for stability. Be patient. Cooking over the campfire often takes longer than cooking on the stove.

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