The Vaccination Pass During The Trip

More than 70% of French people are vaccinated in September 2021. Even if we are on the way back to normal life, caution is always the mother of safety. This is true for students who

More than 70% of French people are vaccinated in September 2021. Even if we are on the way back to normal life, caution is always the mother of safety. This is true for students who are returning to school this month and those who are still enjoying their summer vacation.

Here is the information to remember to fully enjoy your vacation during this beautiful weather, even in Covid situation. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn about some of the things you out to know about the vaccination pass when traveling.

For a trip outside France


The French border is open to welcome foreign travelers. French vacationers wishing to recharge their batteries in European countries are also allowed to leave. However, the modalities change depending on the health situation in the destination countries. Here is the updated map of red, green, and orange countries in September 2021:

Green country

You do not need to justify your reason for traveling to Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, the Netherlands, and Greece. However, prior testing and quarantine may apply. In these territories, the circulation of the virus is no longer a concern, so fully vaccinated persons are relieved of all constraints upon their return to France.

Orange countries

Even if the virus is actively circulating, the situation in these countries remains under state control. Vacationers of French origin have a choice of countries in Africa, Asia, and Central America. Vaccinated travelers simply need to present a declaration confirming the absence of symptoms of covid-19 infection and contact with a patient with coronavirus. Non-vaccinated travelers are required to present a compelling reason for traveling to these orange areas.

Red countries

These are all countries not included in the green and orange lists. It is strongly recommended, but not forbidden, not to travel to red areas such as Afghanistan, South Africa, Bangladesh, Namibia, Russia, Seychelles, and other countries still heavily affected by the coronavirus.

This document confirms that you are vaccinated and negative for covid-19. It can be presented in paper and digital format. When traveling in Europe or internationally, always carry a health pass. Before traveling, it is always best to find out about the conditions of entry into the territory of your destination country.

Do you need a vaccination pass to travel?

To travel freely and safely this summer within the European Union, the health pass is European. This pass has been in force since July 1, 2021. It is valid in all European Union countries and Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Monaco, Andorra, and overseas territories. A QR code present on the French health pass can be read everywhere in Europe, directly in the TousAntiCovid application or in paper format, in French and English.

While the “EU digital Covid certificate” provides a standardized recognition of health status, each country is still responsible for its own entry rules, which are not standardized at the EU level. This means that it is necessary to find out in advance about the entry rules in force in your destination country. Consult the list of countries that can issue and verify certified proofs in the EU digital anti-covid certificate format.

For a trip to France


The health pass is mandatory on French territory whether you are traveling by plane, train, or long-distance bus. Since August, access to certain establishments and events also requires the presence of a health pass for all persons aged 18 and over. So, if you want to escape to theaters, concert halls, cinemas, cafes, museums, restaurants, and festivals hosting more than 50 people, do not forget.

For tourism professionals, they are redoubling their efforts in the installation of effective sanitary measures. They are ready to welcome you to rediscover France’s emblematic heritage and monuments. Even carpooling and the use of public transportation is currently possible. Just choose the accommodation of your choice and go on vacation.

Since wearing a mask and using hydroalcoholic gel are now part of our everyday lives, going on vacation with it will not be cumbersome. No matter where you go, the pandemic is no longer an obstacle. So plan your trip, pack your bags and leave your apartment. Do your favorite activities, get a tan, hang out with your friends and get a change of scenery. You are also free to repopulate the most beautiful beaches and the various amusement parks.

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