Top 4 Cruise Ships In Europe

The cruise is a tourist concept of maritime travel that was born in 1844 thanks to the ingenuity of the English shipping company P&O. Among the existing means of transportation, it is by far the

The cruise is a tourist concept of maritime travel that was born in 1844 thanks to the ingenuity of the English shipping company P&O. Among the existing means of transportation, it is by far the best choice for an original, pleasant, unforgettable, and close to nature trip. Europe is an essential cruise itinerary due to its richness of rivers and seas. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn about some of the four best cruise ships in Europe.

1. Disney Dream


The family concept inspired by Disney Dream keeps it at the top of this ranking. Since its inception in 2011, this cruise has presented itself as the maritime version of Disneyland. Indeed, aboard the Disney Dream, everyone has something to enjoy. Children are amazed by the various games and the setting inspired by fairy tale heroes.

On the other hand, adults succumb to Disney’s magic and travel through time, reliving their childhood. The strong point of this cruise ship is its capacity for reception (4000 people), the family atmosphere, and the luxury of its cabins. In addition, the existence of various leisure and relaxation activities allows family members to get together and strengthen family ties.

2. Norwegian Cruise Line


With its strong history, the Norwegian Cruise Line liner fully deserves to be ranked in second place. The cruise line proves that it has nothing to do with the small Caribbean cruise of 1966. The ship abandons this cheap vision to enter the premium range. On board this ship, customers are pampered. Indeed, this half-century of experience has contributed to the radical change in the quality of service offered since 2019.

Everything has been calculated to ensure that the needs of each customer are met in every detail. It also has to its credit a multitude of games, relaxation, and wellness areas to ensure the serenity of life on board. In addition, the ecological spectacle offered by this cruise ship confirms the psychological advantage of a maritime trip.

3. Costa Smeralda


The main asset of this Italian work is its ecological commitment. Indeed, Costa Smeralda is a model of environmental protection in the maritime world. The realities of building, operating, and maintaining the liner only confirm its penchant for nature. Here are some concrete examples:

    • During its construction, ecological materials were favored (coatings, paints, cladding)
    • The operation and lighting system of the ship is powered by green energy (wind, solar, and liquefied natural gas)
    • The maintenance materials and catering accessories are biodegradable (packaging, straws, etc.)
    • Natural and hygienic criteria are used in the selection of kitchen ingredients
    • The sorting of waste for effective recycling is a fundamental principle that is imperatively applied on board.

In view of these facts, the ship is named “Prince Green”. In addition, among the various services it offers, Costa Smeralda is one of the few cruises to design access and cabins adapted to the medically ill and disabled. Thus, the ability of the cruise to harmonize social justice, travel, discovery, and ecological concept dazzles its customers.

4. CroisiEurope


This work of the French shipping company adheres to fourth place in the ranking. The leader in European river tourism offers a service with an unbeatable quality-price ratio. By specializing in Northern European river tourism, it is gaining notoriety in the market. CroisiEurope is building a brand image by offering an extraordinary river journey and tireless discoveries accompanied by a splendid maritime view.

The company makes sure that exoticism and cultural diversity are always present. It also offers original activities such as beach tourism, hiking, and scuba diving to admire the richness of the river and sea. Occasionally, CroisiEurope organizes a specific itinerary to visit Corsica differently.

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