Top 6 Beaches In Corsica Not To Be Missed

Lovers of sun on fine sandy beaches are spoilt for choice during their vacations in Corsica. Indeed, the island has up to 200 beaches on a coastline of 1000 km, making a choice a little

Lovers of sun on fine sandy beaches are spoilt for choice during their vacations in Corsica. Indeed, the island has up to 200 beaches on a coastline of 1000 km, making a choice a little difficult for the ideal place to relax. This article aims to highlight the island’s beautiful coastline to make your choice easier. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn about some of the best beaches in Corsica. We present you the 6 best beaches of Corsica for a sunny vacation on the island of beauty…

1. The beach of Calvi


Offering a magnificent view of the city and its magnificent citadel, the beach of Calvi is a vast bay of powdery white sand that enjoys some of the clearest water on the island. Its beach is, therefore, a destination not to be missed for a guaranteed rejuvenation. The 6 km of beach offers plenty of space to lay your towel, while the proximity of a series of bars and restaurants will allow you to stock up throughout your relaxing day. Moreover, nearby are a selection of properties ready to welcome you during your vacations in Corsica.

2. The beach of Arinella

Ideally located west of the picturesque town of Lumio, Arinella beach is a peaceful spot set against green hills and bordered by clear turquoise water. The soft sand is rarely occupied, given the beach’s secluded location, although many prefer to spend their time in the water for snorkeling. Calvi is the ideal starting point if you want to spend time on the beach at Arinella during your Corsican vacation. You will also find some of the best accommodations on the island.

3. The beaches of Loto and Saleccia

The beach of Loto is a beautiful and secluded place in the Agriates Desert. The white sand and clear turquoise water of this beautiful beach are surrounded by green hills, giving the coast a secluded atmosphere. The beach of Saleccia is another of the jewels of this coast, defined by a one-kilometer curve of pearly white sand. One of the best places to go to Loto Beach and Saleccia Beach is the beautiful oasis of St-Florent.

4. The beaches of Palombaggia and Santa Giulia

Moreover, there is no shortage of places to stay. For many, Palombaggia Beach is the most beautiful beach on the island. Its location in the south of Corsica makes it very popular with vacationers and tourists, so missing it on your Corsican vacation is a big mistake. The same goes for the beach of Santa Giulia, a remarkable curve of sand that would have nothing to envy the Caribbean. Note that Porto Vecchio is a fascinating place to stay for those who want to go from beach to beach in the region.

5. The beaches of Pinarello and San Ciprianu

Located north of Palombaggia beach and the town of Porto Vecchio, Pinarello beach is another of the most beautiful coastal jewels of the Extreme South. Its breathtaking stretch of yellow sand is joined by warm, shallow waters, perfect for the little ones to swim in. The nearby beach of San Ciprianu is another choice not to be missed, featuring an impressive half-moon of white sand and beautiful turquoise water. It offers some of the best accommodations on the island, ranging from beautiful villas to fantastic hotels. It’s up to you to make the right choice!

6. The beach of Palombaggia


The beach of Palombaggia is often ranked in the first position of the Top of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica! It is the most famous beach in Corsica, and you will find it on many postcards representing the island of beauty. And for a good reason, the setting is heavenly: umbrella pines, turquoise water, white sand, and large rocks for a dream setting. Lined with trendy bars and restaurants, we can say that it is the most trendy beach in the South of Corsica.

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