Top 5 Places To Visit In Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country with a growing economy. I am half Thai and half Indian and grew up in the Bronx. I am fluent in English, Thai, and Tamil, so when I got the

Thailand is a beautiful country with a growing economy. I am half Thai and half Indian and grew up in the Bronx. I am fluent in English, Thai, and Tamil, so when I got the chance to immigrate to Thailand to become an English professor, I went for it.

Thailand is also known as Siam and the Land of the Smiles. If you are planning on visiting or immigrating here, you found the right blog to learn more about the matter. So, without further ado, let’s learn some of the places you ought to visit when you are in the Land of the Smiles and which city will best fit your lifestyle, aesthetics, and mood.

1. Krabi


Coastal city located in the southern region of Thailand, Krabi offers the ideal framework to relax. Populated by a vast mosaic of majestic landscapes with their cliffs, their peaks, and their rocks, Krabi contains a hundred beaches, all more picturesque than the others. This is why this region has naturally become a paradise for sunbathers. In addition to the beaches, Krabi has dense rainforests inland, where you can go on exciting hikes.

Krabi’s beaches are ideal for relaxation and water recreation and are bathed in an idyllic turquoise sea. The sea bed is gently sloping and is ideal for family swimming. Discover in particular Pai Pong beach with its serene atmosphere and the abundant vegetation which borders it; Railay beach, the most famous of Krabi; and finally, Phranang beach with its white sand and its rocky peaks emerging from the water. In Krabi, it is a stay under the sign of relaxation which awaits you.

2. Koh Samui

Book a hotel in Koh Samui and have the best trip ever. Thailand’s third largest island, Koh Samui, is one of the country’s most popular destinations. Sun, fine sand and coconut trees, festive evenings, and water sports are the main ingredients of any trip to Koh Samui. This island offers indeed all the attractions of a tropical setting. This island is studded with fine sandy beaches, such as Choeng Mon Beach, a lovely white sandy beach that stretches to the northeast of the island, lined with coconut palms and small charming hotels.

But Koh Samui is not only about beautiful sandy beaches. You can also make beautiful excursions. Among the places not to be missed, discover the fascinating fish market of Ban Hua Thanon, the Samui Aquarium, where you can admire a multitude of fish from the Gulf of Thailand, or the Butterfly Garden, where thousands of butterflies fly. A change of scenery and wonder awaits you on Koh Samui, an island not to be missed in Thailand.

3. Chiang Mai


The most popular destination in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai offers a setting that is both grandiose and exceptional. Indeed, surrounded by mountains, this magnificent city exposes all its monuments inherited from its rich history. Staying in a hotel in Chiang Mai means being in the heart of a vast historical heritage and many visits, each more captivating than the next, await you.

From the sublime temples that stand here and there, to the charm of the old town, to the bustling markets with their well-stocked stalls, to the friendly cafes, Chiang Mai is full of places to discover and enjoy. 

Within the old town, a beautiful walk awaits you with its streets populated with restaurants where you can enjoy the local gastronomy and massage parlors where you can enjoy a well-being break. Discover Khum Chao Burirat House, a traditional and colonial style house, and Wat Sri Suphan, a temple located on the canal. Chiang Mai offers a wonderful historical walk during your visit to Thailand.

4. Phuket 

It’s no surprise that Phuket is one of Thailand’s most popular islands. Indeed, located in the Andaman Sea some 860 km south of Bangkok, it is studded with dreamy landscapes. Between its bays, its lagoons of a turquoise blue, its beaches of fine sand, its deep forests, or its splendid temples, Phuket is of ineffable beauty and the ideal island for a stay in Thailand under the sign of idleness and relaxation.

Moreover, the hotels in Phuket are real cocoons of well-being and comfort where you will be pampered. Enjoy the sublime setting of a hotel in Phuket and discover the island’s wonders. Stroll through Phuket’s old town and enjoy its stores, museums, and quaint cafes. There is a gentle atmosphere in this town that is very pleasant to melt into. Experience a moment of fulfillment in the idyllic setting of Phang Nga Bay. It is the jewel of Thailand and is renowned for its splendid landscapes. An extraordinary adventure awaits you in Phuket.

5. Bangkok


The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, is an incomparable city. A magnificent kaleidoscope of colors and smells, it is at once bustling, touching, and full of gaiety. To stay in a hotel in Bangkok is to experience Thai hospitality and the warmth of its people. Bangkok and its people open their arms to you and take you on an exhilarating adventure.

Bangkok has a plethora of beautiful sites. Be swept away by the vibrant Khao San Road area, with its swarming of various stalls where you can buy souvenirs. Soak up the atmosphere of Chinatown, with its stores and restaurants. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Wat Arun, the Temple of the Dawn, the city’s landmark. Finally, discover Thai art through the many works exhibited in the National Museum. This museum is not to be missed by any traveler wishing to visit Thailand.

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