An Unprecedented Escape In Thailand

A country full of colors with its rich biodiversity is admired by many visitors from around the world. Friendly people and a wide range of beautiful destinations await you in Thailand for your dream vacation.

A country full of colors with its rich biodiversity is admired by many visitors from around the world. Friendly people and a wide range of beautiful destinations await you in Thailand for your dream vacation. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about Thailand.

The famous city of Bangkok


While in Thailand, let yourself be surprised by the wonders of its capital, Bangkok, which is located in the center of the country. This city extends on 1569km2 of surface. Crossed by the largest Thai river named the Chao Phraya, the city has become a real hub of commerce.

It is home to a large shopping mall, skyscrapers, luxury international hotels that mark its modernization and development. Although it is very advanced, it is still attached to its tradition and able to adapt it to the modern culture. Thus, several majestic temples are omnipresent, among which we find the royal palace, the temple of the reclining Buddha and the great statue of Buddha at a height of 15 meters.

Their history and the splendor of these treasures arouse the curiosity of travelers. In addition, Thailand has a great reputation in traditional medicine. Thus, by visiting these sanctuaries, you will have the opportunity to initiate yourself to traditional massages and to enjoy this moment of relaxation. Moreover, a school of traditional medicine is integrated there since 1962 in order to transmit this ritual of care through generations.

The charming city of Chiang Rai

The city of Chiang Rai is also among the best tourist sites in Thailand. It dazzles tourists with its iconic locations and nature reserves. Among the most famous is the white temple whose purity and scale are breathtaking. It is a work of art. Indeed, Buddhists preach their religion through the ornaments and mirrored decorations of the wall facade. They are both moving and spectacular.

For example, a sculpture of a hundred hands begging for forgiveness evokes the desperation of people in hell. In addition to religion, the city also has a remarkable biodiversity. The Khun Korn Waterfall is an example. It is the largest waterfall in Thailand with 50 meters of fall. It is located in the heart of the Khun Korn rainforest. You can bring a camping tent to enjoy the stay in the forest.

The famous Ayutthaya museum

Want to discover legendary stories of Thailand, embark on the city of Ayutthaya with its gigantic historical park. It counts about ten ancient temples. We can quote the site of Sukhothai whose name means the dawn of happiness. It marks the power of the Thai kingdom during the reign of King Rama. Thus, its monuments and its various exploits are posed there to pay homage to him. Moreover, because of its rich heritage, this park has been registered with UNESCO to be part of the world heritage.

Khao Sok Park

Encouraging Biblical Scriptures to Fight Travel Anxiety

For adventurers and jungle enthusiasts, Khao Sok Park is a great place to enjoy nature. It is located in southern Thailand and covers an area of 740km2. The karst mountain with its lush jungle landscape, for example, welcomes you to make a faunistic and floristic discovery. Indeed, it is a virgin forest which still shelters ancient plant species. The climate and its geographical situation are also favorable to the wild biodiversity.

Thus, the 300 species of birds, reptiles of all kinds and the most dangerous predators such as leopards, pythons, etc., find refuge there. Apart from discovering, this natural reserve lends itself to various activities, including trekking along the mountain and canoeing on the river. Likewise, unique accommodations await you with the floating bungalows. Located in the middle of the river and in the middle of the jungle, it offers you a total immersion in nature.

Moreover, after a day full of adventures, the soft lapping of the river and the breath of the wind favor your sleep before being awakened by the cries of the birds in the morning. To enjoy this vacation in Thailand, contact a travel agency. As this is a jungle trip, you should bring mosquito repellent.

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