Top 5 Gay-Friendly Destinations To Visit

Do you know the best gay-friendly destinations to visit? If you like to travel and you are of homosexual orientation, this text might just appeal to you! As you probably know, there are some destinations

Do you know the best gay-friendly destinations to visit? If you like to travel and you are of homosexual orientation, this text might just appeal to you! As you probably know, there are some destinations that are more open to welcoming LGBT tourists than others. Although you have to be careful, no matter which country you want to visit, we suggest five wonderful gay-friendly destinations to discover for your next holiday! So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the best gay-friendly destinations out there.

1. Bangkok- Thailand


The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, is without a doubt one of the most gay-friendly destinations in Asia. Thailand itself is a very open destination for the gay community. This is due to their religion and their way of life. Bangkok is a very big city. It’s impossible to get bored in Bangkok. You can be there for a week and still have many things to do!

Bangkok is a city that never sleeps! This is also true for the gay community! You will have access to some very good addresses. Many hotels clearly advertise themselves as gay-friendly or simply men-only. There is a very small gay area near Lumpini Park. This is where you will find the gay bars of the city. There are not really any interesting nightclubs. Mostly you go there to have drinks with friends and talk to the tourists who meet after dinner.

2. Puerto Vallarta- Mexico

Located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is the number one sun destination in North America. Many gay tourists escape the winter to enjoy the beach. Very popular in winter, the Zona de Romantica neighborhood is the place to be. As well as being a great open-air gay area, it is also the old part of the city. It’s a lovely area to do in the evening.

Walking after a good meal with friends, shopping, and having a drink with friends to end the evening, there is nothing more enjoyable in Puerto Vallarta. You will also have access to many gay-friendly or gay-only hotels. You will also have access to a beach where homosexuals mostly hang out. However, the waves can be strong in this part of Mexico. You have to be careful!

3. Paris- France


Paris has been a welcoming place for gay tourists for years. The city is known for its thousands of tourist attractions. You can do and find everything in Paris. It is also the ideal place to discover French gastronomy at its best. Good restaurants are available in every arrondissement of the city.

Among the addresses to discover, those of the Marais is very pleasant for homosexuals. The Marais is also the gay district of Paris. A dynamic district all year round. It is also in this district that you will find the best bars and discotheques to have fun. The Marais is also very pleasant to do on a Sunday afternoon. If you are visiting Paris in June, keep an eye out for gay pride. An event that attracts no less than 500,000 gay men and their straight friends.

4. San Francisco- USA

The classic of classics. San Francisco is world-renowned for being a welcoming place for tourists and local Americans living with their sexual orientation. It is a city different from the rest of the United States. A different lifestyle that only San Francisco has. It is the place to be for a cultural, historical, and very gay-friendly trip.

The main addresses are located in the famous Castro district. There are also several interesting addresses outside this area. A nice appointment on a sunny day is to go for a picnic with friends in Dolores Park. An unforgettable moment!

5. Barcelona- Spain


This Spanish city is vibrant all year round. Many visitors who arrive in Barcelona never want to leave. They come back year after year because Barcelona’s pleasure and sweetness are very pleasant. There is plenty to do: museums, beaches, bars, and restaurants are just a few suggestions for a perfect holiday. One of the highlights for the gay community in the city of Catalonia is the Barcelona Gay Pride. Thousands of homosexuals march in one of the largest gay pride events in the world.

If you are looking for a very gay-friendly beach, the place to be is Sitges. Located about 30 minutes from Barcelona’s city center, Sitges is the perfect place to go to the beach and meet new people. To fully experience the gay-friendly atmosphere of the city, you should go to the Exiample district, the gay district of Barcelona.

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