Which Drink To Choose For Which Moment?

Whether in everyday life or for a particular event, choosing the drink or drinks can depend on different criteria such as the weather (hot, cold), the time (during the day or in the evening), the

Whether in everyday life or for a particular event, choosing the drink or drinks can depend on different criteria such as the weather (hot, cold), the time (during the day or in the evening), the guests, the menu, the taste and state of health of each, etc. I love cocktails, and they are the perfect way to enjoy a perfect weekend night, but they aren’t the ideal drink for any occasion.

It ought to be noted that not every drink is suitable for every occasion, and you need to find the right one for the right moment. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about the perfect drinks for the right occasions.

Water and fruit juices can fit most criteria

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Whatever the weather, the present moment, or the age category of the person, water and fruit juices are, one can say, the types of drinks that are always or must be present. Moreover, both hydrating and energizing, these drinks provide many benefits. In addition, drinking fruit juice can even change a person’s mood, especially that of children. In other words, it is a good remedy to cheer them up. And this is whether the drink is iced or not.

Beer for after work

Why would beer be a good choice for an afterwork? Because it is a drink that is ( usually ) slightly alcoholic. It thus allows you to decompress without abusing alcohol and/or being drunk at the first drink. It is a drink that is also drunk with family or friends. Either way, always drink in moderation.

Furthermore, according to Wikipedia, “Beer is also a beverage that is used in many cooking recipes as a primary ingredient (example: beer soup) or a secondary ingredient that brings a particular characteristic to the dish (example: carbonade flamande).”

Cocktails for festive events

Opting for alcoholic cocktails for festive events is an excellent idea to bring a touch of exoticism, especially since these types of drinks can be suitable for both men and women. Moreover, experts confirm this by stipulating on its site that “…alcoholic cocktails such as mojito, pin acolada, planteur and others will satisfy all tastes during a lively evening or even a wedding to add a touch of guaranteed exoticism.”

We can say that alcoholic cocktails are rather all-purpose drinks. They are welcome, whether for important events or small parties with friends on the terrace or in the garden. As the necessary ingredients can be within everyone’s reach, it is not difficult to concoct alcoholic cocktails.

Indeed, they are generally fruits and/ or aromatic plants mixed with white alcohol. For example, to make a mojito, all you have to do is mix fresh mint leaves, sliced ​​limes, soda, and rum. And to make a pina colada, you just have to squeeze pineapple, strain the juice and mix it with coconut cream and rum.

Champagnes and wines

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As part of the great family of wines, champagne is a drink that is generally drunk for special occasions. It is the (ideal) drink to toast to an important event. Even if champagne is generally served as an aperitif, this drink can be drunk at any time of the day (morning, noon, evening) and during meals.

Choosing wine, especially red wine, is a good idea for a romantic dinner. It is best accompanied by red meat as for white wine with white meats and fish. In short, champagnes and wines are par excellence, the drinks that we bring out for occasions to mark the moment.

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