Eat Popular Dishes from around the World without Leaving Toronto

Toronto is popular for its diverse food culture. It is amazing how it’s restaurants are easily accessible. If you are looking for a large variety of food from every corner of the world which are

Toronto is popular for its diverse food culture. It is amazing how it’s restaurants are easily accessible. If you are looking for a large variety of food from every corner of the world which are both delicious and affordable then the capital of Ontario is the best destination for you. Since most of the citizens of Toronto come from all across the world, the city takes great pride in its multicultural background. Toronto is home for multiple fusion restaurants and dishes. It will take a lifetime for you to taste them all.

Below is a little guide of the diverse restaurants in Toronto which you definitely need to try if you are planning to visit the capital of Ontario :

Toronto and Tacos

The capital of Ontario and Tacos share a rich history. If you really want to try the best tacos in Toronto, head straight to Ojibwe restaurant Pow Wow. It is found in the laid back side of Toronto which is in the neighborhood of bohemian Kensington Market. Before the existence of Pow Wow, the Obijwe chef who is known as Shawn Adler started to serve Indian tacos at his restaurant The Flying Chestnut.

Even though he opened another restaurant named Pow Wow, Indian tacos are still being served and remain the favorite dish of the locals as well as tourists. These tacos are pretty much different from the originals ones, they are served on Bannock and are also known as fry bread. They are delicious and crispy. You can also order Coconut Lime Leaf Chicken Curry taco or Greek-inspired Soulavaki. If you are there during the weekend, try out their special brunch.

Little Portugal

Have you ever had a Persian breakfast? Then what are you waiting for? Head to Little Portugal in Toronto where you can try Persian favorite Takht-e Kavoos. Toronto is still home to may Portuguese and little Portugal has been the favorite of trendy and young people who really seem to appreciate being on the first name basis with all the staff and owners at the local corner stores. They also enjoy a great Indie bar. At Kavoos, you can hand out shoeless enjoying a delicious chai while eating flatbread and tahini with grape molasses. Does that sound like a plan? One of my favorite dishes would be Shahrudi which include eggs over turmeric infused potatoes accompanied by feta cheese, olives, grape tomatoes, and greens.


By taking the west direction from Little Portugal, you will find yourself in a slightly dilapidated neighborhood called Parkdale. Immediately head to Queen Street as that is where all the restaurants are found. If you love Tibetan food, then this street is going to be heaven for you. There are numerous Tibetan restaurants in that particular area. Loga’s corner is highly recommended in that region as it serves delicious Tebitan momo (dumplings).

A Royal Affair

Craving some chicken or Pork? Make your way to Alex Roi dos Leitoes which is found on Ossington Avenue. For forty years, this place has been famous for its barbeque chicken and spit- roasted pork. If you do not want to dine in, opt for a takeaway service. You can visit the bakery named Venezia which is just down the road which serves dessert such as custard tarts or rice pudding. Never tasted corn fritters before? Head straight to the perfect date spot which is also known as Julie’s Cuban restaurant.

Korean Fusion

Koreatown is the place to be if you want some authentic Korean food. If you are an art lover, this place is going to blow your mind away with its wonderful art décor. It has over-sized signs, exposed brick wall and metal chairs which gives you the feeling of being in a bar which is linked with a restaurant. Nevertheless, you will find yourself keep going back there to get another bite of their short rib tacos, Baja fish taco, their side of Asian pear kimchi or a round of churros poutine.

Izakayas, roti, and perogies

Izakayas are described as Japanese pubs. You will be pleased to find tasty dishes as miso-marinated black cod and grilled beef cheek. Be prepared to have a long menu filled with a lot more options than you could have expected. Make your way to Bacchus for some yummy Caribbean roti most precisely saucy goat roti. You will also get a vegetarian option such as vegetable squash, spinach, and chickpea combo. Even though Bacchus is not really glamorous, it offers the best food.

Ossington strip and Kensington Market

As you all know, churros have been invented years back somewhere in Spain or Portugal, however, Canadians have their own version of Churros which is called Poutine. It is made with French fries, cheese curds, and gravy. A restaurant named Borralia found in Ossington offers a menu with all the historical recipes from immigrants.

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