6 Most Dangerous Countries For Traveling With Kids

We often thought about going to places with our family, but we hesitated to take our family along. Yes, there are many countries where you can travel, but we would like to take them to

We often thought about going to places with our family, but we hesitated to take our family along. Yes, there are many countries where you can travel, but we would like to take them to places they have never been before. People travel for many reasons, such as business, pleasure and learning, to name a few. While some enjoy exploring new cultures and environments, others choose to travel and volunteer at disaster sites. Some travel to relax, others to expose themselves to experiences and challenges they are not accustomed to. Either way, travel becomes a more satisfying experience when you have your children with you.

Although there are risks inherent in traveling around the world, some countries are very dangerous for children. This can be due to many reasons: natural terrain, political conflicts, weather conditions, violent gangs, etc. Even if you have travel insurance for children, it’s still helpful to determine which countries are not safe for them. Here, without further ado, are six of the most dangerous countries to travel to with children.

#1. Brazil

Brazil is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It abounds in breathtaking landscapes and unusual tourist places. However, the country also has an epic crime rate, with murder rates four times those of the United States.

#2. Russia

If you like shock architecture and oriental culture, Russia is the ideal place. But beware, violent hate crimes in this country have increased dramatically in recent years. Travelling with your children to the southern states, in particular, is considered risky due to political unrest and terrorist activities.

#3. Zimbabwe

One of Africa’s most popular tourist destinations, Zimbabwe, is widely known for its magnificent Victoria Falls and huge wildlife parks. But like the countries mentioned above, it is also very unstable and subject to political upheaval. Worse still, it suffers from deteriorating economic conditions that leave many people desperate. Before planning a trip to this country, make sure your children’s travel insurance covers it.

#4. Haiti

Haiti is perhaps one of the few countries in the world to possess some of the unique natural settings of the Caribbean. Unfortunately, the country has become a hotbed of violent crime and kidnapping, with most victims having been beaten and raped.

#5. Kenya

Kenya has qualities of natural wonders and is famous for the Nairobi National Park. There is no doubt that this East African country has one of the best game viewing sites in the world. Kenya has become one of the most crime-ridden countries in Africa. Most of its tourist destinations have become a sanctuary for armed assailants, carjackers, pickpockets and even terrorists.

#6. North Korea

North Korea is a unique place and a mystery to most people in the world. It is possible to visit the communist state, but it is neither easy nor advisable. The threat of terrorism and crime is low, but travelers risk arrest and long-term detention for violating laws that would not be considered criminal outside North Korea. Unsanctioned religious or political activities, unauthorized travel, or unauthorized interaction with the local population are all crimes punishable by severe penalties, even for travelers on tour packages. Since there is no right to privacy in North Korea, tourists should assume that all communications are monitored.

Of course, the countries mentioned above are just a few of the many destinations that travelers are advised to avoid everywhere. All of them are also at the top of the list for most insurers. Although the beauty and experience of these countries is first-rate, you don’t want to take the risk of traveling there with your children. It’s not only worth it.

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