5 Underrated Cities From Around the World

Find out the most underrated cities from around the world!

Traveling the world is like reading a book and always discovering something new that will make you wonder about the world’s beauty. Some underrated cities from around the world are waiting to be found by so many travelers. But most of these vacation hotspots are packed with tourists hoping to experience the same adventure. Maybe it’s time to ditch the crowds and seek out an underrated vacation spot. While these locations might not be unknown to frequent travelers, they might not get as much love or attention as popular stops like Miami, Paris, or celebrity vacation hotspots like Aspen or Ibiza. Some are bustling cities, and others are historic towns, but one common theme unites them: they are all underrated.


It’s gritty and occasionally dangerous, but Naples has heart, and the pizzerias will be reward enough for those who take a chance on it. Of course, there’s also the world’s finest collection of Pompeiian frescos in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, a host of Renaissance masterpieces in various palaces, and a charming old town. But did we mention the pizza?


“Adelaide” is one of those rare Australian cities that lives up to its sarcastic nickname with a world-class dining scene to go with a reliable festival calendar, a thriving arts scene, and great live music. The food and wine is the highlight though: restaurants such as Africola, Orana, Press, Andre’s Cucina, The Pot, and Parwana worthy of a flight alone.


It’s one of Poland’s oldest cities, with a medieval core, royal castle, Jewish quarter, and cobbled old town. Spend your days exploring the various neighborhoods and nights hopping from basement bars to rooftop restaurants. Further afield, the Wieliczka salt mines are not to be missed.


Minsk still carries the legacy of its Soviet days, but therein lies its charm. From brutalist architecture to Soviet-era bars, pompous promenades to parade ground squares, it’s all still here. However, the big surprise is its thriving street art scene, art galleries, fashionable cafes, and 30-day visa-free entry. As the city gears up to host the European Games in 2019, now is the time to visit.


This is, hands down, Europe’s most exciting capital city right now, a friendly, laid-back hub full of neighborhoods, each distinct and enticing, from the winding alleyways of Alfama to the nightlife hub of Bairro Alto, the historic beauty of Belem to the locals-only vibe of Campo de Ourique​. The food in Lisbon is excellent, and the high-quality wine is cheap.


Though it’s little-known to those who haven’t visited South Korea, Busan is a bustling port town in the far south of the nation that has plenty to offer. The clean, accessible city beaches are something of a rarity in this part of the world. Rugged mountains ring the city. There’s also an excellent food scene, highlighted by the lively Jagalchi Fish Market, and the sort of thriving nightlife you’d expect from a coastal hot spot.


Once gritty, gray, and industrial, Newcastle has blossomed over the past decade into a modern, vibrant cultural center thanks to world-class venues such as Sage Gateshead and the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art. This transformation culminated in the city hosting Britain’s biggest event during 2018: The Great Exhibition of the North – an 80-day festival celebrating the north’s pioneering spirit and achievements in art, design, and innovation.


Thanks to the increased popularity of river cruising, the hordes are slowly discovering this beautiful city straddling the Danube. Highlights on the Buda side include the Grand Royal Palace and the ornate St Stephen’s Basilica. The Pest side has Europe’s largest parliament building, the Opera House, and the foodie-paradise of Central Market Hall.

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