8 Things to Do When Traveling to Madrid

Madrid is a city full of places to visit, projects to do, adventures to live, and history to learn about. A vibrant city in which it is practically impossible to feel bored. To make sure

Madrid is a city full of places to visit, projects to do, adventures to live, and history to learn about. A vibrant city in which it is practically impossible to feel bored. To make sure that this doesn’t happen during your visit, we wanted to compile a list of the 8 most important things you should see and do in Madrid. 


1. Start With the Plaza Mayor

 The Plaza Mayor is a focal point of the city. No matter what time you go there, you will always find it very crowded. It is a rectangular square with a gate, in a typical Castilian style. Moreover, it is the ideal place to start several routes in the most traditional areas of Madrid.

2. Discover the Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is one of the major monuments of the capital. This palace is the formal residence of the King of Spain, although it is not currently occupied, and is used only for state functions. It is the biggest royal palace in Western Europe and one of the largest in the world. The palace was built in the 18th century and had an outstanding historic-artistic patrimony.

3. Enjoy the Campo del Moro

Just behind the Royal Palace are the gardens of Campo del Moro. An excellent place to take a walk enjoying its vegetation and the beautiful images it offers. Its entrance is on the opposite side of the palace, on the Paseo de la Virgen del Puerto, next to the Manzanares River banks. Here you can see different species of animals, such as peacocks or pheasants.

4. Walk along the Gran Vía

The Gran Vía is one of the most emblematic and busiest streets in Madrid. You will find cinemas, theatres, stores, restaurants, hotels … But we recommend that you enjoy it quietly, looking up and contemplating each of its buildings, you will love it!

5. Visit the Palacio de Cibeles

The magnificent Palacio de Cibeles is the current headquarters of the Madrid City Council. It houses several spaces open to the public and for cultural purposes, including an exhibition hall, a reading area, and an auditorium. It is also possible to go up to the very top of its central tower, where there is a viewpoint. Climb up and experience the view!

6. Be amazed at the Prado Museum

The Prado Museum is the number two most visited museum in Spain and is considered one of the most important in the world. It houses the most significant collection of European paintings in the world. There, you will find significant groups of works by Velázquez, El Greco, Goya, Titian, Rubens, and El Bosco. In addition to thousands of works by other renowned authors.

7. Getting to know the National Library

The National Library is a place full of culture. It is possible to visit it thanks to the free guided tours that are carried out there. They allow you to visit the library museum and other areas of the building. In addition, at least once a year, an open house day is organized, during which special activities are held in addition to these visits.

8. More art at the Reina Sofía Museum

The Reina Sofía Museum is the most visited in Spain. It has an important collection of 20th century and contemporary art. Among them are the sets of some of the most important Spanish painters of the 20th century, such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, and Joan Miró. One of the most important is Guernica, by Pablo Picasso.

Although these are 8 of the most amazing things you can do in Madrid, there are plenty of other activities that are also totally worth the trip. Have you ever been to Madrid? Remember to leave a comment below to let us know the exciting things you did during your stay.


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