Places to Discover in Bristol

Bristol is a city that is the perfect size to explore on foot and big enough that you don’t get bored. Its unique character fuses the best of the South West of England: important music

Bristol is a city that is the perfect size to explore on foot and big enough that you don’t get bored. Its unique character fuses the best of the South West of England: important music and marching culture, a fascinating maritime history, a respectful perspective on the environment and a diverse and active art scene.

Look for the “Banksys”
Something would be missing if we talked about Bristol without mentioning Banksy, the street artist who has become a global phenomenon. Pay attention, and you will see his original works all over Bristol.

Get on the SS Great Britain

Explore Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s famous steamboat, the SS Great Britain. Discover the history of the construction, the routes and the restoration work that has brought this ship, a pioneer in its time, to where it is today. Then climb to the mainmast’s observation deck, 26 meters above ground level, and see the Bristol landscape from a unique perspective.

Tune in to Their Musical Culture
In addition to being the place where hip hop was born in the 1990s, with Massive Attack and Portishead as the most representative figures, Bristol continues to offer in its halls and clubs a great variety of music. Get ready to enjoy various music types, including bass, house, hard core, psychedelic rock, and metal.

Visit the Clifton Suspension Bridge
Bristol is built on a series of hills, so the city is literally on different levels. At the top is Clifton Village, where famous engineer Isambard Kingdon Brunel’s spectacular suspension bridge spans the rugged Avon Gorge. Keep your camera handy; it is one of the most photogenic places in Bristol. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more modern but equally spectacular engineering piece, very close to Bristol are the bridges over the Severn.

Explore the Posh Neighborhood of Clifton
Clifton is the ideal place for a stroll. Admire the elegant Victorian, Georgian, and Regency buildings, stop at a pleasant café, and enjoy the tranquility of a charming neighborhood with stunning views of the city.

Visit Its Museums Alternative Cinema
In Bristol’s center, you can find some of the best museums and art galleries in Britain , such as the Arnolfini, the famous contemporary art center, and the science museum, which is ideal for a family visit. Don’t miss the Cube, Bristol’s cinema run by local artists where, in addition to showing films, musical events, air guitar competitions and many other types of events are held.

Pay a Visit to the Pirate Blackbeard
Bristol has a fascinating history linked to the sea: this is where the English phrase ” shipshape and Bristol fashion ” comes from, meaning “in perfect condition”, which refers to Bristol’s reputation for building very resistant ships capable of withstanding the peculiarities of the tides of its port. Don’t forget to visit the city and the port area to learn all about Blackbeard, one of the most notorious pirates in history.

Relax By the Water

Bristol: Harbourside, Bristol — Best Places to Live in the UK 2020 | The  Sunday Times
Bristol Harbor is an excellent place to stroll and enjoy the views or relax with a pub drink. Here you will also find the Bristol Aquarium, music, and film events in the Watershed room.

Taste the Local Ciders
Southwest England is known for its cider, made from local apples. During your stay in Bristol, remember to try it. At the Bristol Cider Shop Tastings you will find a wide selection of artisanal ciders made in the region is sold. Many pubs in the city also serve good ciders, ask the waiters for advice.

Cycle the Bristol to Bath Railroad Trail
Follow the route of the old railroad tracks crossing the beautiful countryside between Bristol and the nearby city of Bath. Admire the landscape of forests and hills, and if tiredness doesn’t allow you to cycle your way back, you can always catch a train (bike included) back to Bristol.

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