Spend Your Vacations In French Polynesia To Live Magical Moments

If you are looking for a heavenly destination for your next vacation, why not consider going to the tropics, to French Polynesia? A destination, admittedly quite far away, but where you can spend the best

If you are looking for a heavenly destination for your next vacation, why not consider going to the tropics, to French Polynesia? A destination, admittedly quite far away, but where you can spend the best vacation of your life. Relax on the different islands of the Polynesian archipelagos during your vacation. Each stay will be different from the last. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our reasons for choosing French Polynesia.

Its islands


French Polynesia is home to various islands whose names are not unknown to you. You can, for example, come to Bora-Bora. Divers will enjoy exploring its underwater world and observing the fish and other aquatic animals that inhabit its waters. You can also pass by Mount Otemanu, the highest point of French Polynesia.

As well known as Bora-Bora, there is also Tahiti, famous for its beauty and tropical environment. It is the largest island in French Polynesia. It concentrates about 70% of the population of the latter. Explore the heart of the island to see mountains and beautiful waterfalls. You will find white sand beaches on the west coast and black sand beaches on the east. As for the capital, Papeete is a pretty and welcoming town, where you can find a market selling fresh local produce.

A few minutes away from Tahiti is Moorea. It is a charming and welcoming island where you can admire breathtaking landscapes. You can swim in a quiet area with aquatic animals such as sea turtles and leopard rays for diving enthusiasts. Moorea is also famous for its vegetation and natural environment. For accommodation, there are bungalows on stilts on these islands, a very fashionable concept in the region. Why not try it? Knowing these islands is essential to planning the destination and preparing for the trip.

Matira Beach

It must be said that this beach is the center of visitors’ attention. Of all the beaches accessible on Bora-Bora, it is the largest and most popular. Bora-Bora is an unspoiled Eden of sun, nature, and sea. It is, therefore, a dream place that is worth visiting. Matira is, therefore, one of the most visited places on the island.

The immaculate sand and the crystal clear water are assets that make you want to go diving. It is an area crowded with stores and restaurants whose flavors and products guarantee a memorable stay. A lot of visitors like to stay in Matira and have a good time. The water is incredible, with a sweet blue and transparency that will make you dream.

Once in the water, you can see the rest of your body without difficulty. It is the ideal world you can offer to yourself to escape from everyday life. Moreover, the sunset is magnificent, and you can immortalize it with a camera. It is a place that is easily accessible either by bike or by car.

A warm welcomepolynesia

French Polynesia is known for the kindness and generosity of its inhabitants. Upon arrival, you will be warmly welcomed and will be in good company. Very friendly, Polynesians do not hesitate to start a discussion, always with a smile. No matter which island you visit, you will always feel at home. Who knows, you may even meet people who will change your life! You’ll have a great time, whether alone, as a couple, with family or with friends.

A unique culture


The Polynesian culture is an ancient culture inherited from their ancestors. Enjoy traditional dance and music performances by the natives. Dugout races are also organized on some islands. The culture is also expressed by wearing tattoos, beads, or flower necklaces. It’s like being in the cartoon Vaiana. It is an exotic culture you can discover little by little during your stay.

An exotic cuisine


Taste gourmet culinary specialties and typical Polynesian dishes cooked with local products (fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, etc.). Indeed, each island has its specialty, but their cuisine is generally based on seafood and coconut milk. One of the most famous recipes is the raw fish with coconut milk, an excellent dish that will please seafood lovers. You can also enjoy their roast pig, prepared with the local recipe.

For dessert, try the famous Po’e banana, a specialty made of banana, cassava or other starches, coconut milk, and vanilla. Yes, vanilla, because Polynesia also produces a small amount of vanilla, a different variety from that of the Indian Ocean. You will also be able to taste exotic fruits offered on the islands (avocados, mangoes, pineapples, bananas, papayas, etc.). Why not try these unusual specialties?

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