Going To Africa: Not Always For Safari

What to do in Africa? It is a popular destination for safari. It is a paradise of impressive wildlife. Apart from safari, there are countless other activities to do in Africa. So, without further ado,

What to do in Africa? It is a popular destination for safari. It is a paradise of impressive wildlife. Apart from safari, there are countless other activities to do in Africa. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the best spots and activities to do in Africa.

See completely new places


Need a dose of altitude? Mount Kilimanjaro is for you. After climbing 5,800 meters, you can see snow-capped peaks. Not very difficult to climb, this summit can be discovered with the family to see various landscapes.

Visitors from all over the world also love to walk along the Allée des Baobabs in Madagascar. A few kilometers away from this place are the stone forests in the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park. This karst forest is a limestone massif that takes the shape of knives.

Excellent place to admire the sunrise, the Namib desert allows you to contemplate the low and golden light of the dawn. If you prefer dunes and sands, fly over the Namib dunes in a hot air balloon. Then continue your exploration in the Namibian Dead Valley, where you can get a sense of tranquility. A landscape worthy of a novel.

Swimming in the Devil’s Pool

Victoria Falls offers a breathtaking panorama of one of the world’s most spectacular waterfalls. To truly appreciate its gigantic size, flying over it by helicopter is possible. This flight, commonly called “Flight of Angels”, allows you to see a colossal rift open in the heart of a huge plateau. Those with blood in their veins can even swim in the natural pool at the edge of the precipice of Victoria Falls.

Why not swim with the great white sharks? In a small village near Cape Town, you can enjoy the thrill of diving in protected cages and being surrounded by white sharks. Don’t worry; the dives take place in supervised areas.

Reconnect with nature


Want to discover some of the most beautiful scenery in the Indian Ocean? Wander from island to island in Seychelles. Known for its fine sandy beaches, Seychelles is one of the most popular destinations for celebrities. Having unique animals and an exceptional natural reserve guarantees you a total change of scenery.

In Mauritius, the Land of the 7 colors of Chamarel is waiting to be visited. They have the colors of the rainbow, so they offer a unique landscape of their kind. For lovers of rare marine animals, you will find on Mauritius superb coral reefs that are home to varied and colorful aquatic fauna. Scuba diving there allows you to marvel at nature. You can also go to Mozambique for a wonderful diving or snorkeling experience. The exceptional seabed can be discovered in Bazaruto, where you will feel like you are in a real marine aquarium.

Visit the Pink Lake of Senegal

Lake Retba is a fuchsia pink and red lake located in the Cape Verde peninsula in Senegal. It is the second saltiest lake in the world after the Dead Sea and has a unique ecosystem. The amount of salt in this large lagoon which covers an area of 3 km², is 10 times greater than that of the sea.

Admire the landscapes of the Lion King in real


You can also discover on-site Lake Natron, a lake with a stunning red landscape. Located in the Great Rift Valley, this lake offers a hostile environment for any living being. To extend your stay in Tanzania, why not observe the landscapes closest to the Lion King? The Ngorongoro Crater, which is the largest caldera in the world, is considered the Garden of Eden of Africa.

Furthermore, Tanzania is a beautiful destination that offers other breathtaking activities besides safari. Witness the Great Migration of wildebeest, zebra, and antelope, which number in the millions. Their passage between Kenya and Tanzania is one of the world’s greatest spectacles.

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