There’s Nothing Like A Boat Ride To Clear Your Head

For summer vacations, nothing makes people dream like going to the sea to escape and break their daily routine. Indeed, it is the ideal time for a sea trip on board a boat to live

For summer vacations, nothing makes people dream like going to the sea to escape and break their daily routine. Indeed, it is the ideal time for a sea trip on board a boat to live a great adventure. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you should know about holidaying on a boat.

Traveling with a green mind


To sail with one of the most ecological means, we recommend you to opt for a sailboat. Sometimes you need to hoist the sails in the wind to get where you want to go without having to waste a single drop of fuel! On the other hand, a vacation at sea will allow you to live a minimalist lifestyle, settling for only the things that are necessary for survival.

Appreciate each place from a different perspective

Enjoying a unique experience from the sea with a spectacular view around you is a unique opportunity not to be missed. Sailing with the wind and diving into the sea according to your wishes is not for everyone. Indeed, most people are satisfied with the few free square meters on a beach crowded with vacationers without being able to enjoy it.

Moreover, some magical places are not accessible by road because of their difficult access. Most of the time, even if vacations are meant to de-stress from the daily rhythm, just seeing a lot of people at the beach could stress you again. Thus, it will become a never-ending cycle. And yet, on a sailboat, you can dock anywhere, as long as it is safe. This is the advantage of renting a boat instead of sharing it with others.

Choosing the right boat for your getaway

For adventurous people who love boating and thrills, it will be the type of monohull sailboat that will be a must for them. It is a type of boat that moves with the force of the wind and is best suited for particularly rough areas.

On the other hand, for those who venture out to sea with their families, it is recommended to opt for the catamaran. Indeed, the catamaran has the advantage of providing extraordinary comfort at sea and its large volume. Thus, you will be able to sail quietly without lodgings, and without feeling the gusts of wind. It is also the type of boat that could ensure excellent stability at sea.

Stay safe with your protective cocoon in this time of Covid


When you’re out at sea or on a cruise, you’ll be away from the summer crowds, a luxury in this pandemic! But apart from that, you will be completely self-sufficient, as you will live on board, eating and sleeping! Although you will be exposed to the open air, the boat will remain a safe place for you to live.

Undeniable happiness with sailing

Monohull sailing is a sport that can be practiced in the open air, whether in the middle of the sea or a lake. Indeed, the practice of physical activity on a sailboat will allow you to stimulate the production of “happiness hormones” (dopamine and serotonin).

Although strange to hear, sailing will help you eliminate daily life’s stress and keep your mind alert! However, if you decide to rent a boat, we advise you to never let your guard down on the boat, as the sea is often unpredictable!

Fancy a vacation by the sea?


There is nothing like a vacation by the sea to get away from it all. Synonymous with the sun, relaxation, and good times, the sea and the ocean offer you a myriad of activities! Sea kayaking, surfing, sailing, or simply lazing around, sand castles, and walks by the water: there is something for everyone. The perfect opportunity to enjoy the stunning landscapes of Normandy, Brittany, or the South West during a romantic weekend or a family vacation.

The Mediterranean Sea invites vacationers to experience unforgettable vacations in the bay of Saint-Tropez and its picturesque villages. Film lovers will meet in Cannes in May on the Croisette. As for the sportspeople, they will take refuge on the Atlantic coast to try to tame the waves of the beaches of Biarritz. More family-oriented, Lacanau and Les Moliets offer relaxing or sporty vacations. It’s up to you! In winter, a trip to the West Indies or a stay abroad is a natural way to forget the dullness and fill up on vitamin D.

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