12 Top Things to Do in Mississauga (Ontario, Canada)

The city of Mississauga has been established as a city only in 1974, even though it dates back to the 1600s. Spanning for over 280 square kilometres, it is now Canada’s sixth most populated city.

The city of Mississauga has been established as a city only in 1974, even though it dates back to the 1600s. Spanning for over 280 square kilometres, it is now Canada’s sixth most populated city. Despite the dearth of craft beer, sports events, and food festivals that there used to be there, Mississauga now has an abundance of malls, food crawls, natural greenery and art hubs. There’s also the added plus that Mississauga has plenty of historic sites. With the endless number of monuments, cultural events, markets, and restaurants that the city has to offer, it will be impossible to prepare a one-day itinerary. You must, therefore, consider spending the night in a hotel, or motel if you are on a budget, so you can enjoy everything this incredible place has to offer.

Below is a list of spots we believe you should explore if you are staying in the region:

1. Riverwood Conservancy

Riverwood Conservancy is a little piece of heaven tucked behind a Go Transit station. Situated in the centre of Mississauga, it is a 150-acres wooded area that’s just waiting to be explored. This green oasis is perfect for hiking or bird trekking.

2. Visit the Adamson Estate

The Adamson Estate is a private home and farmland built in 1809. From eastern white pine trees to the ancient barn, this mansion has a certain charm to it and deserves a visit. Located in Port Credit, it is open to the public.

3. The Waterfront Trail

Extending from Cornwall to Niagara-on-the-lake, the Waterfront Trail is over 740 kilometres long. The section of the trail that runs through Mississauga is a great place for walking, cycling and skateboarding. You can also take a dip in the refreshing waters of Lake Ontario to cool off.

4. Bradley Museum

Located on the edge of Lake Ontario, Bradley Museum is nestled in a 70-year old maple grove that is about the two-acres large. It consists of a cottage that dates back to the 19th century, a two-story farmhouse from 1830, a restored log cabin from the 1800s and an old barn that has all been designated Ontario Heritage sites.

5. Small Arms Building

Small Arms Building is a historic WWII munitions site that operated up to 1974 until it was transformed into a modern creative art space.  In 2008, it was designated as a heritage building by the City of Mississauga and is now owned by the city. It has been filled with pieces from local artists that you’ll also want to see.

6. The Tea Room at Robinson-Bray House

Go to this little Tea Room if you want to catch a warm cup of tea, dainty sandwiches and scones. From this historic home that is over a hundred years old, you’ll also get to enjoy the scenic view on the street. You can also always wander down the picturesque main street after your meal.

7. UFly Simulator

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned aviation enthusiast, UFly Simulator makes it possible for you to experience the thrill of piloting a commercial aircraft. When they say authentic aviation, they mean it. Whether you want to fly over the South Pacific ocean or in stormy conditions, the team there will make it possible.

8. Canada’s Wonderland

With its 17 roller coaster rides, Canada’s Wonderland is a must on the list of things you must visit while in Mississauga. Even if the Leviathan ride rises over 300 feet high and the Behemoth has a top speed of 77 mph, the one that takes the cake for us is the Yukon Striker. If you want to ride the tallest, fastest, and longest dive coaster, the Yukon Striker is the ride you absolutely have to go on.

9. The Art Gallery of Mississauga

Sitting across from Square One Mall, the AGM (Art Gallery of Mississauga) does not require people to pay for access. Established in 1987 and divided into four gallery spaces, it hosts lectures, workshops and performance as well as exhibitions all year long. Additionally, they have more than 500 works of art in their permanent collection that the art lover in your life will definitely enjoy.

10. Laser Quest Mississauga

If you are looking for a family-friendly activity, you should consider trying out Laser Quest. With a blend of hide-and-seek, tag and high-tech twist, you are guaranteed to have fun lurking around every corner and firing infrared beams.

11. Kariya Park

For something more quiet and serene, the Kariya Park would be perfect. Opened in 1992 in honour of the 11th anniversary of its relationship with the city Kariya in Japan, it is a peaceful haven in the heart of a busy city.  

12. Music Walk of Fame

Based in Port Credit Memorial Park, this little gem has a growing list of talented artists performing there. If you want some time off to listen to good music from local artists such as Oscar Peterson, you have to make it a must to drop by.

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