Budget Travel Tips to Hawaii

In this time of crisis, why not read something that we might use later. I know everyone is saying that 2020 is cancelled, but hey, we are still three months into this year and there’s

In this time of crisis, why not read something that we might use later. I know everyone is saying that 2020 is cancelled, but hey, we are still three months into this year and there’s a lot more to come. Everyone deserves a vacation. By smart planning, we can ENJOY our vacation without spending a fortune. Here are some helpful tips:

Catamaran on beautiful Waimanalo Beach in Hawaii

Tip # 1: Book Your Travel Wisely

There are several online travel agencies which can give you affordable vacation packages for Hawaii. One of the most popular is Expedia.com and through their website we were able to find a good deal which includes airfare travel ticket via the Continental Airlines and hotel accommodation in the Aqua Waikiki Wave Resort Hotel for 5 days and 4 nights, approximately $600.00 per person. Now that’s a pretty good deal if you were in a budget of $1500.00 or less so that the rest of your money can be spent on food, souvenirs and ticket expenses if you are planning to go on tours and activities.

Booking your airfare that combines hotel accommodation is a practical way to save money and makes your travel hassle free because this normally comes with a free shuttle service that will pick you up from the airport going to the hotel upon your arrival and bringing you back to the airport upon your departure day.

Things to Bring:

Since the weather is mostly sunny it would be great to bring your summer dress or beach shorts, bathing suit, sandals, summer hat and most importantly a sun block for skin protection. After all, you are not only here for a tour but to stay by beach, enjoy the view of turquoise waters, golden sandy beaches, savor the cool breeze of the Waikiki beach while sipping a pina colada. Bringing necessities like water and some snacks would be helpful too. Although you will not have any difficulty finding what you need there since almost all blocks in Oahu has convenient ABC stores. However, there is a significant price difference due to applicable taxes. By the way, I almost forgot, don’t forget to bring your camera, you cannot afford to miss out taking pictures.

Tip # 2: Confirm your Complimentary Breakfast

Once you call your travel agency for flight confirmation, don’t hesitate to ask about the complimentary breakfast. During our travel, we were able to have a complimentary breakfast the day after we arrived in Oahu. Normally, a shuttle will be arranged to pick you up in front of your hotel and bring you to a near affiliated dining place wherein they will show you some entertaining presentations about the tour packages that the travel agency offer, while you’re eating your doughnut or croissant over a cup of coffee. This good breakfast idea is a great way to jump start your second day since aside from having a free breakfast, you will gain wonderful ideas on how to spend the rest of your days in Hawaii by engaging in different Activities and Tours. From visiting their Cultural Center to sightseeing from the air via helicopter, there’s a lot of exciting activities that you can do aside from staying by the beach and watching the waves. Prices range from $60.00-$400.00 depending on the venue and number of hours committed.

Tip # 3: Visit the International Market Place

For a bargain hunter like me, International Market Place is a must see. There are a lot of stores here selling various items, such as jewelries, swim wears, home decors, ornaments, etc., basically everything that you can imagine. Just bring out your bargaining skills and you won’t go empty handed. Also, there are several food establishments around, from Chinese food to hamburgers, all under affordable prices. You can bring home souvenirs or buy something for yourself like a cute beach towel or a gorgeous set of pearl jewelry.

Tip # 4: Don’t Hesitate to Join a Timeshare Presentation

While waiting for our bus for the Polynesian Tour, a guy approached us and asked if we are interested to join a timeshare presentation. Well at first, we were hesitant to watch the presentation because we were afraid to be lured in signing up for a timeshare and this would mean additional expenses for its monthly membership fee. But the guy assured us that there would be no strings attached and to compensate for our participation they will give us a complimentary breakfast plus 2 tickets for the Atlantis Submarine Adventure. The deal seems to be fair considering that in the end you have the freedom to choose whether to sign up or not for the timeshare, and most importantly you get your free breakfast and 2 complimentary tickets which costs around $80.00 each.

It was an insightful experience for me, since it was my first time to attend one. If you have extra money to splurge or if traveling is your passion, then buying a timeshare is a good investment. I won’t be elaborating more on the pros and cons of owning a timeshare but what I’m trying to implicate is that attending a presentation won’t hurt and they give you the perks 100%.

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