Ways to Supporting Local Tourism

With the world coming to a standstill for over 6 months, there are many who have suffered and gained something from this lockdown. Not every country has been the same ever since that virus came

With the world coming to a standstill for over 6 months, there are many who have suffered and gained something from this lockdown. Not every country has been the same ever since that virus came onto their land and the measures have been drastic and severe. Some would say that this virus has put a stop to the world, but most would say that it’s only a semi-colon and there continues to have hope prevailing. Well, as most countries are opening their lockdown, some are still under strict lockdown that is necessary so that there is not a hike in the number of cases and deaths. For the countries that opened their lockdown, the time is to revive the economy and get back to the new normal and change the way we used to live before. With summer in its full swing, the tourism industry is the most affected when it comes to reviving the economy. The Coronavirus situation is changing from time to time and that too with the speed of light. Traveling now seems a far distant dream that once people were used to boast about.

With the international travel ban, things are especially hard right now for the local tourism industry. Many tourism workers have tighten their belts and are in prospects of facing a shakier future after the quarantine. Well, not all hope is lost, we can certainly help the tourism to come back and there are some ways that it can be done!

Stay local – Even though there are a lot of deals about international travels, it is better to ignore it and focus on the local. It is better to avoid non-essential traveling for the time being. With most of us in a financial pit, the best decision is to travel domestically as it is affordable and accessible to boost the local economy. Opt for B&B’s, locally-owned homestays and multinational chain hotels for the time being. Join their membership programs and take advantage Do not hesitate to tip the staff generously and treat them to a smile and good review.

Eat local – It is important that you support the local eatery or food stalls. While other establishments were allowed to operate during the lockdown, restaurants and cafes were asked to closed until the government allowed them to reopen. Small restaurants and cafes had to cut down on their number of staffs in order to save money. It was not getting back to regular programming even after the lockdown was lifted. That’s why eating locally is one of the ways to help them. You can choose either to dine in or takeaway as long as you are supporting them, then there is no problem. Here also don’t forget to tip generously as you never know how much a waiter is getting at the end of the month.

Buy local – Instead of going for exported items, why not focus on locally-made products! Buy anything was produced or grown in your country. It is a big plus if you buy direct from the manufacturer as it will ease the mode of passing through a middleman. Buy art from local artists and skip buying things are not produced in your country. It is also important that you educate yourself on the local foundations and cooperative that help and support local businesses.

Support local – With free live streaming available all through this lockdown, the concerts and music festivals have been canceled, leaving our local musicians, comedians, cultural workers and other entertainers with no job. So, why not invest in them by going to their shows and tip the performers for their work!

Promote local – Well, to get our foreign visitors back, it is important that you promote your country on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and others. Showcase what different your country has to offer for them to come. Remember good promotions leads to success!

I hope you have found inspiration from my idea here and there are more ways to support local tourism and the economy. Let’s come together to forget this horrible year!

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