Amazing K-Dramas Sets to Visit in Europe

K-dramas have become a global success, with millions of fans across different countries. It is a new sensation loved by different age groups. Did you know that filming locations of K-dramas go beyond South Korea?

K-dramas have become a global success, with millions of fans across different countries. It is a new sensation loved by different age groups. Did you know that filming locations of K-dramas go beyond South Korea?

Are you a K-drama lover? And, do you love travelling? If yes, we bring you some amazing K-dramas filming places to visit in Europe!

Crash Landing on You – Switzerland

Maybe you can start with the most popular drama of the year 2020, Crash Landing on You, where many scenes were actually produced in ‘The Land of chocolate and cuckoo clock’ – Switzerland. For instance, one cannot forget the long pedestrian suspension bridge known as the Panorama Bridge Sigriswil, where the main heroine was planning to commit suicide. However, make sure you don’t fall off this bridge!

The piano-playing scene by the talented Ri Jeong-hyeok captured the amazing scenic views of the Landing stage, Lake Brienz in Switzerland. The village is said to be very peaceful, calm and quiet. There are plenty of sports and leisure activities available and the roads are perfect for trail biking.

Moreover, the private house in the Swiss village Kaiserstuhl-Bürglen gained much fame due to this drama series. The ending scene portrayed a picturesque landscape of the place and captured a stunning view of the mountains and lake. However, while visiting this place, keep in mind that the house is a private one where a real family lives and it is important to remember that in Switzerland, people do not like other individual’s interference and prefer their privacy!

Descendants of the Sun – Greece

The 2016 Baeksang Arts Award-winning drama, Descendants of the Sun, which gained significant fandom around the world, was filmed partly in Greece.

If you want to visit the most romantic places in Greece, add the Clock Tower of Arachova to your list! This is not only a historical landmark in Arachova, but also the place where the two main protagonists went on a romantic date and eventually had a kiss. The clock tower was built in the early 18th Century. However, it was destroyed by the Germans in 1944 and then rebuilt later. The clock tower is commonly known as the ‘Time’ by the locals.

Navagio beach is one of the most wonderful and famous beaches in Greece. Located on the north-west of the impressive Zakynthos Island, this beach was used as the filming location for one of the most romantic scenes of the drama. The Navagio beach is not only an ideal place to have a good time at a stunning beach but also allows you to recollect the unforgettable scenes of your favourite drama!

Memories of the Alhambra – Spain

Loved for its cryptic and innovative portrayal of reality games, The Memories of the Alhambra, was able to bring the public attention to ‘The Land of Cervantes’ – Spain. Several parts of this television series were produced in different places in Spain.

Alhambra is a palace and fortress complex located in Granada, Spain. It was originally built as a fortress and then later was used for the Moorish Nasrid monarch. It is now one of the main tourist attraction in Granada. For the Memories of the Alhambra, this palace complex was widely used as it represented a major location for the main concept and the title of the drama. For example, there is the ‘Puerta de la Justicia’, which is one of the largest entrance to the Alhambra Palace. Another location used was the Nasrid Palaces which was previously the residence of many kings. The three palaces will not only transport you into the settings of the drama but also to the period of the last Hispanic-Arab governors the Nasrid. The structure of the palace speaks of ancient and rich Persian architecture elements. The ‘Alcazaba’, a palatial fortification in Malaga, was also used for the locations of the scenes of the drama.

Are You Human? – Czech Republic

Also known as Czechia, this country in Central Europe was used for some filming scenes of the Korean drama, Are you Human? which portrayed how an artificial intelligence robot takes the place and live the life of a human being.

The Hartenštejn Castle is portrayed on the first episode of the drama which captures the architectural gems of the late gothic castle of the 15th Century. There are specific opening hours which give access to the general public to visit the castle. Mill Colonnade, another location used, is generally a tourist attraction. This huge colonnade was built in a Quasi-Renaissance style with many symbolical sandstone statues.

Furthermore, there is the ‘Stará plynárna’, an old gasworks building which was used as the place of residence and creation of the robot Nam Shin. If you visit this place, don’t forget that it is located at the entry of the ‘České Švýcarsko National Park’!

Will you or have you already visited these amazing K-Dramas locations in Europe? Please share your comments below!


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