4 Places You Should Visit When Traveling to Alsace’s

Alsace is considered one of the most charming places in France and the world. Located near the border with Germany and Switzerland, it is known for its beautiful villages with colorful houses that seem to

Alsace is considered one of the most charming places in France and the world. Located near the border with Germany and Switzerland, it is known for its beautiful villages with colorful houses that seem to come out of history and its fantastic vineyard landscapes.

Although it can be said that it is good to visit Alsace at any time of the year, there is one key moment in the year, especially if you like Christmas and that is when the traditional Christmas markets are held in the most beautiful villages of Alsace. The houses are decorated with all kinds of lights and Christmas motifs, making this a real story for children.

Because of this and the enormous interest generated lately, Alsace receives a lot of tourism at this time of the year, and often some towns are overcrowded.

Despite this, we think this is one of the trips you should make once in your life and even more if you are a Christmas lover.

The best way to discover Alsace is to rent a car, taking a tour from the airports of Basel or Baden Baden, as this means of transportation will allow you to stop wherever and whenever you want, making the trip much more enjoyable.

Not sure which places to visit? Just relax! Below is a list of 4 of the significant spots to visit in Alsace.

1. Colmar

Colmar, the most beautiful city of Alsace and the best place to celebrate Christmas, is full of places to see. The beautiful colorful half-timbered houses typical of this region are a must when walking through its cobbled streets.

During the Christmas period, several markets set up, filled with stores selling all kinds of gifts for these dates and stalls in those that serve mulled wine and dishes from this region.

Among the most admirable sights in Colmar is Little Venice, a neighborhood of colorful houses on the Launch River banks. In addition to this, you will find another excellent example of this type of Alsatian home in the areas of La Pescadería and El Curtidor. However, after the experience, we recommend you to get lost in its streets, without a map, ready to find the best surprises.

2. Strasbourg

Strasbourg is another place to see in Alsace and one of the best places to go for Christmas. Strolling through the historic center, declared a World Heritage Site, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Casa Kammerzell, is a real pleasure for the senses.

Besides, from November 25 to December 31, this city has 11 Christmas markets spread over its most beautiful squares and corners, which is no wonder it was named the Christmas capital and has become a must-see in this area, let alone in France.

3. Eguisheim

After a visit to Eguisheim, it will undoubtedly become one of the Alsace cities of which you will keep the best memories.
Declared the prettiest town in France in 2013, this town surprises by the distribution of the streets in the shape of concentric circles that form the old town. The colorful half-timbered houses, decorated with flowers, surrounded by cobbled streets and craft stores, have also helped make it one of the country’s most visited places.

4. Ribeauvillé

Ribeavillé is another essential on the wine route and one of the most beautiful towns to see in Alsace. Located 20 kilometers from Colmar, the best way to explore this picturesque town is by strolling along the Great Rue, a street that will allow you to see its most unique places, including several buildings, mansions, and convents that are part of the historical heritage from France.

Also in the mountains near the city are the castles of Girsberg, Haut-Ribeaupierre and St. Ulrich of the Ribeaupierre family, which gives its name to the city and which if you have time, you can get closer.
Ribeauvillé, one of the towns to see in Alsace.

Have you ever visited Alsace? Don’t forget to leave in the comments below the most beautiful places you’ve enjoyed.

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