Kickstart Your 2023 With These Travel Goals

Kickstart Your 2023 With These Travel Goals

New Year must always begin with New Year’s resolutions. So, here are some resolution ideas for all those who want to make traveling a priority in 2023. Overcome Your Fear of Traveling There are not

New Year must always begin with New Year’s resolutions. So, here are some resolution ideas for all those who want to make traveling a priority in 2023.

Overcome Your Fear of Traveling

Overcome Your Fear of TravelingThere are not one but many fears that prevent people from traveling. The fear of the unknown, for example, is a blanket generalization and really doesn’t make any sense. Because if you don’t know about something, then how can you possibly be scared about it? Most fears that inhibit potential travelers involve the loss of control of something at some level. Some people, for instance, lack the capacity to just “go with the flow” and make the best of the situation.

In addition, some people are afraid of becoming lost in an unfamiliar environment. Navigating in a foreign country poses challenges for those who are unfamiliar with the local rules, customs and language. It could be something as minor as getting off at the incorrect subway station because the traveler cannot understand the station sign. It could mean driving in the wrong direction or missing an exit. So what? You know, some of the greatest discoveries and memorable moments most travelers experience are when they take the wrong path. It’s just a matter of perception!

Others are afraid their needs won’t be understood. Whether it concerns the difficulty in asking for information or having something simple like a correct coffee order, some people find this unacceptable. At other times, the need can be more serious. The fear of falling sick in an unfamiliar location can also be a reason for avoiding travel.

There is also the fear of being inconvenienced –not having the same comforts as home. Well, people tend to forget that traveling is something temporary. In a week or two, you’ll be back home.

I think it all comes down to lifestyle choices. People travel to experience something different and unique and if you want to taste that uniqueness, you need to be willing to sacrifice something –for a short time, of course.

Travel With Your Loved Ones

Travel With Your Loved OnesMany people prefer to travel alone rather than with their friends or family members. I understand that you love your own company and love getting lost in your thoughts (I daydream a lot too). When you are traveling solo, you can choose where you want to go and when. You can spend as long/little time as you want in a place. You can do what you want to do and just leave whenever you want to, without giving notice to anyone. And, you don’t have to be responsible for anyone.

However, there are some disadvantages of solo traveling. There is no one to help or support you if things go wrong. There is no one to offer a second opinion or to confirm/correct a decision. You are in more danger if you travel alone, especially if you are a single female traveler. And, I guess the biggest worry people have regarding solo travel is the possible loneliness and not being able to share or remember beautiful moments. Traveling is all about having fun and enjoying yourself. But, of course, it can get boring if you are stuck alone with your own thoughts and feelings all the time.

This is why I strongly recommend traveling with your loved ones. No matter the destination, when you are with your friends or relatives, you will be able to enjoy incredible moments and learn new things together.

Go to Somewhere You Have Never Been Before

Go to Somewhere You Have Never Been BeforeThere are some who like traveling to the same country. For instance, some would visit the same place 10 times but would never get bored of it because every time they go with different people, the energy is different, the weather is different, and the talks are different along with everything else. However, traveling to a new place allows you to meet new people, get new experiences, see difficult cultures and scenery and face new challenges.




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