Places You Should Not Miss in Belgrade (Part One)

There is a lot to visit in Belgrade – one of the oldest cities in Europe. Because it has a history linked to wars and riots and has been destroyed or seriously damaged, several times,

There is a lot to visit in Belgrade – one of the oldest cities in Europe. Because it has a history linked to wars and riots and has been destroyed or seriously damaged, several times, there are few historic buildings left.

Yet, it is a city to enjoy, at any time of the day. The food is great, very varied, and, at night, the city is in constant effervescence. Belgrade never sleeps: bars, cafes, and clubs increase throughout the city and are open late … or early in the morning. In this article, we list you some places you must not miss when visiting Belgrade.

Belgrade Fortress

Belgrade’s castle or fortress (Kalemegdan) is at the heart of the Serbian city, and a visit there is a must. The Belgrade Fortress is the main tourist spot in the city, having been built as a defensive structure from the 2nd century to the 18th century. Overlooking the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, it had a strategic location.

Planned cable car attraction over Belgrade historic fortress 'should be suspended' | The Art Newspaper

Today, the fortress is a unique museum of Belgrade’s history. The complex consists of the Belgrade Fortress itself, divided into Upper and Lower City (Gornji / Donji Grad), and Kalemegdan Park. From there, you have an exciting view of the rivers Sava and Danube’s union, of New Belgrade and Zemun.

This is a favorite place to watch the sunset; sit on one of the Belgrade Fortress terraces, order a drink – or take your own drink and sit on the wall like many of the locals do – and watch the evening fall. This is a place you should really visit in Belgrade. Plus you don’t have to pay to enter this fantastic attraction in the Serbian capital.

Ružica Church

The faithful flock to the Ružica church, inside Belgrade’s castle or fortress (Kalemegdan), is one of the oldest in Serbia. The details on the Ružica Church’s construction or its founder are uncertain, but it is believed to be one of the oldest in Belgrade. According to a folk tale, there were three religious sisters (Ružica, Marica, and Cveta), and each of them created a Church as a legacy in the area of ​​Belgrade Fortress.

Another legend says that there was a king whose daughter, Ružica, fell ill, and no one was able to save her. Whichever legend you believe in, the truth is that it is worth visiting this church inside the Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan Park.

Often, you will be the witness of a mass taking place there, and it will fascinate you to watch, for a few minutes, the religious celebration, where even a choir sings melodies.

Inside, there is a peculiar chandelier that is said to have been made with bullets from World War I weapons, Serbian sabers, and cannon ammunition. Entry to the Ružica Church is free.

Urban Art

Everywhere in Belgrade, you can find urban art, with emphasis on graffiti. As you stroll through the Serbian city, you will notice that on the facades, everywhere in this metropolis of the Balkans, there is an urban art that deserves your attention – in particular graffiti and other murals.

There is, as is known, controversy in relation to this art form, but the truth is that well done, it is a form of artistic expression that should be praised.

Belgrade's Graffiti Culture: A Photo Essay - The Bite

The famous bohemian neighborhoods of Skadarlija and Dorćol are well worth a visit. It is in these neighborhoods that you will find the best cafes, bars, and restaurants. Besides, it is where you can see the best examples of urban art on almost every corner.

There is no route specific route that you can take to enjoy them because they are scattered everywhere. Wander through the city center, and you will find them easily.

Have you ever been there? If yes, don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below. Until then, remember to come back to check the second part where we will list more places to visit in this fabulous city.

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