The Most Incredible Street Art around the World

Street art is one of the most famous artistic movements in the world. Born in a clandestine way, this form of public art is now recognized and appreciated by all and being more often than

Street art is one of the most famous artistic movements in the world. Born in a clandestine way, this form of public art is now recognized and appreciated by all and being more often than not, a tool for redeveloping the area and offering food for thought and complaints on critical social issues. For those curious to know more, here is a list of the most famous cities in the world for street art.

Berlin – Germany

The history of street art in this city is closely related to that of the famous Wall. Starting in 1989, with the fall of the Wall and the city’s reunification, various artists began to decorate what remained of the walls with signatures, graffiti, and messages of freedom. And it was only the beginning, from then on the city has attracted many artists from all over the world eager to leave a tangible sign of their art. Among the neighborhoods to visit Mitte, Friedrichshain but also Kreuzberg and Mühlenstrasse.

Bristol – England

For the fact of being the birthplace of the artist Bansky, Bristol is considered one of the symbolic places of street art, to the point of attracting artists from all over the world to participate in public events in the name of urban art. For those who want to take a tour of the city, two are the obligatory stops: Nelson Street, famous for hosting “See No Evil”, a collection of public artworks by several artists as well as the largest project of British street art and North Street, which every year, from 29 to 31 July hosts the famous “UpFest”, an event entirely dedicated to street art.

Lodz – Poland

Łódź Street Art!

If to most people this city is known for being the fulcrum of the textile industry in Europe and the cradle of cinematography, today Lodz, the third-largest city in Poland, is experiencing a new life as an artistic capital. In fact, the city’s streets are lined with buildings adorned with paintings and murals of various kinds. In 2009, the Urban Forms Foundation launched a project to transform the darkest streets of Lodz into an open-air museum. A tour of the city is highly recommended.

New York – United States

Moving to America is impossible, not to mention the Big Apple. Each district of the city has its colorful murals that capture the attention of passers-by. With the famous Graffiti Hall of Fame, from Manhattan to Harlem, passing through the Coney Art Walls in Coney Island: every corner is a call to art. Wandering around the city you can come across works by Bansky and artists known in the international street art scene, or commissioned works, such as the murals in Upper Manhattan.

Montreal | Canada

Known to be the most cosmopolitan metropolis in eastern Canada, Montreal is also a reference point for lovers of street art that meet there every year in June for one of the most famous thematic festivals dedicated to famous open-air art. Highly recommended is a visit to Plateau Mont Royal, the liveliest and most dynamic district of the city. There, you can admire works of art and murals in every corner, and if you happen to run into the city streets during the already mentioned Mural Public Art Festival, you can also dabble in painting streets and roads.

Melbourne | Australia

Street Art City Walks: Melbourne | Urban Art Guides | Street Art Bio

In addition to being one of the most incredible cities in Australia, Melbourne is also a veritable open-air museum. In fact, few streets are not decorated in some way. The central point of the artistic street scene is Hosier Lane, a small alley that connects Flinders Lane to Flinders Street. Continuing the metropolitan tour, we come across ACDC Lane, where you can find tributes dedicated to great musical icons, or Johnston Street, where the mural of the late New York artist Haring, restored in recent years, dominates.

Cape Town | South Africa

To admire the best examples of urban street art, visit the suburb of Woodstock. There the murals and graffiti created by renowned local and international artists have a dual significance: artistic, as they decorate and beautify streets and roads that would otherwise be too dark, and social, as a symbol of positive change for the community. Among the most beautiful and famous works in the neighborhood is the giant elephant on Cornwall Street with Table Mountain peeping out in the background.

Have you been to another city where you’ve enjoyed fabulous street art? We would love to read your experience there; remember to share it in the comments below.

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