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How to Pack With Just a Carry-on Suitcase.

Light-weight traveling…

There is a constant increase in baggage fees and the desire to travel more quickly and efficiently without worrying about a lost suitcase at the airport. Travelers want to reduce the weight of their backpacks and suitcases. But it’s not that easy to travel light. It requires a change of habits and a few concessions here and there, but it’s possible.

We will go through tips and tricks that will allow you to pack light without sacrificing your style. These tips from regular travelers should help you say goodbye to those extra pounds on your next trip!

Your Luggage.

man in black denim jeans and black leather shoes standing beside black luggage bag
Choose An Appropriate Luggage.

Choose your luggage wisely. If you choose a large suitcase, you will tend to pile up more clothes so I’ll recommend you go for a smaller one. There are some important features to look for; it needs to be made of lightweight material, has wheels, and has a good handle.

Make sure to check the weight limit of the airlines. Keep in mind that every airline has different restrictions.

Pack For A Week Only.

Even if you are going on a two-week trip, I suggest that you pack for a week only. You can simply hand wash your clothes, or in some places, there are cheap laundry services, so you may as well pick that option. A supplementary tip would be to pack clothes that are easy to wash.

In order to save some space while organizing your luggage, you can roll your clothes rather than fold them. Keep in mind that synthetic fabrics do not wrinkle whenever you roll them.

Keep Your Toiletry Bag Light.

Jumbo bottles of shampoo, conditioner, soap, moisturizer, and so on… can be pretty heavy. I suggest you put a small amount of your product in a smaller clear plastic bottle. Opt for products like solid soap and shampoo to travel even lighter and greener!

Carry the strict minimum when it comes to makeup.; You do not need a full face of makeup, so carry the minimum: a moisturizer, a BB cream, some highlighter, your SPF and that’s it. It will help you looked refreshed without taking up much space.

Your Gadgets.

iPad near sunglasses, wallet, and DSLR camera
Minimize Your Gadgets.

Who else suffers from separation anxiety when away from their laptop and other gadgets? However, when flying with only cabin bags, your gadgets become a big consideration regarding weight restrictions. Think of what you truly require for a brief journey. Are you planning to use a laptop or even a tablet for a significant amount of time during this trip? Is your DSLR camera necessary, or will your phone be enough?

Make sure you have all of the chargers and charging cords you’ll need for the gadgets you are bringing, as well as foreign travel adapters and portable power banks. Also, put your electronics in a bag that will go beneath your feet instead of being pushed around by other passengers in the overhead compartment.


Finally, even if it can be tempting to bring back objects from the places we visit, even if they are handmade, or ecological creations, it is not essential to keep unique memories of our trip!

I would suggest that you write about your travel experiences and, of course, take pictures, which will leave you with real traces of some specific moments and which will revive some emotions when taking a look back at them.

Know that ultra-light traveling has various health benefits. Have you ever carried a 20 kg bag on your back? Be sure that after walking a few minutes your back will be on fire. Go lighter, your back will thank you. Let us know in the comments below if you are considering having an ultra-light trip…

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