Why Visit Fiji For Your Vacation?

For many, Fiji is not a place they travel to every year. Fiji is simply not a quick getaway, so you need to plan well. Most people who visit Fiji do so after visiting Australia

For many, Fiji is not a place they travel to every year. Fiji is simply not a quick getaway, so you need to plan well. Most people who visit Fiji do so after visiting Australia or New Zealand.

Fiji is a bucket list destination for many people. Snow-white beaches, swaying palm trees, turquoise waters, water villas, and an excellent climate will capture anyone’s imagination. Are you still thinking about whether you should go to Fiji or not for your vacations? Read on for tips on how to enjoy your Fiji holiday!

Tickets Can Be Cheap

Many people may think that air tickets to Fiji are unaffordable. To be honest, it is certainly not cheap. However, they are not as expensive as many people think either. If you book the fastest option (26-27 hours), you can often lose thousands of euros. However, not everyone will afford it.

It can also be cheaper: if you want to go to Fiji for 30-50 hours, with at least two stopovers, you can do so for about 800 Euros. If you think about it, the only requirement is that you fly outside of the summer vacations; airfare is usually more expensive in July and August.

Lots of Islands

Fiji is made up of over 300 islands. To be exact, there are 333. Most of them are uninhabited and cannot be visited. When planning your vacation in Fiji, find out which islands you want to visit. Most travelers know the island of Viti Levu because it has an international airport. It is the starting point of the trip for almost everyone.

Viti Levu is a beautiful island, but that is not the reason to come to Fiji. There are many more beautiful islands, all of which have magnificent scenery. Fiji is divided into several archipelagos. Here is a list of some of the most famous islands we recommend.

  • Mamanuca Islands (great for snorkeling and white sand beaches)
  • Yasawa Islands (great for kayaking, water sports, and cave exploration)
  • Vanua Levu (beautiful second inland island)
  • Tavenui (beautiful interior. Great for snorkeling and exploring waterfall pools)
  • Kadavu (great for diving and animal spotting)

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Fiji Is More Than Just White Sand Beaches

When most people think of Fiji, they think of tropical beaches. It’s not surprising since Fiji has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. However, the beaches are not the only attraction of Fiji.

The large island is also beautiful inside. You can hike through pristine jungles, try ziplining, visit breathtaking waterfalls, relax in hot springs, climb mountains, river hike, visit caves, swim with manta rays, take cooking lessons, and experience authentic culture in Fijian villages.

You can travel for months without getting bored, even for a day. It would be a shame to concentrate only on the beach. Do you like to spend your time at the beach? Then try combining it with diving, snorkeling, fishing, surfing, sailing, and eating.

Great Destination for Kids

Fiji is an excellent destination for kids. There’s plenty to do, the weather is great, the ocean is often calm, and the locals love kids. If you are traveling with children, you will get to know the locals even better.

Fiji is also a great destination for children. Several family resorts on the island cater primarily to families with children, but you can also stay in bungalows outside the resorts or in Airbnb. Children are welcome everywhere. There are beaches where children can snorkel and swim and local villages to visit and learn about Fijian culture, nature, and animals.

Traveling with kids in Fiji requires planning, but don’t fret. The kids will love it!

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