Where To Go On Vacation To Ride A Bike?

Cycling is a very exciting way to enjoy good weather and beautiful scenery. But where is the ideal destination for cycling? Where to go on a cycling vacation? Why should I go cycling? Many people around

Cycling is a very exciting way to enjoy good weather and beautiful scenery. But where is the ideal destination for cycling? Where to go on a cycling vacation?

Why should I go cycling?


Many people around the world ride bicycles. For some, it is a real passion; for others, it is just a hobby. But beyond the passion, cycling is good for your health. It is a practice that has many health benefits. Among other things, cycling promotes weight loss and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Weight loss

Cycling is one of the best ways or exercises to burn fat and improve your physical condition. It is the ideal sport for those who wish to maintain a good physical condition or for people who wish to burn calories and lose excess weight. It is a low-impact sport that helps improve endurance to stay physically active. Regular cycling is also a great way to strengthen muscles and work the joints, especially the knee.

Strengthening the cardiovascular system

Regular cycling is good for the heart. It is a practice that stimulates the cardiovascular system, especially if it is done in good conditions. It is recommended to pedal at speed. Getting on a bike and starting to pedal at high speed is not a good thing.

Where to go on vacation to ride a bike?


The vacation period is an excellent time to practice cycling. It is a period where we note a strong increase in the number of people who devote themselves to the practice of the bicycle. In France, for example, nearly 40% of the population cycle during the vacations. But what are the ideal destinations for cycling on vacation?

The Vendée in France

The Vendée is one of the best places in France for cycling on vacation. It is a very popular region for its numerous cycling paths and its various attractions. This region has more than 1,800 km of bicycle paths. You will find sand, dirt, tar, and other trails. It is an ideal region to spend good moments of vacations while practicing cycling.

A cycling vacation in the Vendée is a dream for many families. Every year, many sportsmen and women or cycling enthusiasts cross the different villages of the Vendée to discover the beautiful landscapes. The Vendée is home to many sporting events, such as the Tour de France. Indeed, France is a dream destination for cycling. It has 10,000 km of bicycle routes and like the Vendée, France has many places that are perfect for spending your vacations and cycling and discovering nature.

Bavaria in Germany

In Germany, there is no better region to spend a cycling vacation than the region of Bavaria. Bavaria has almost 125 bike paths with a distance of 9000 kilometers and different levels of difficulty. It has many bike paths that are ideal for family cycling.

Cycling in Bavaria is a great way to discover this beautiful region. You will find mountainous landscapes and many wonders of the region. You can spend a memorable weekend cycling along the Isar River during your stay.

The Netherlands- Family cycling abroad


Holland is the land of choice for bicycles. You will be convinced when you have seen Amsterdam bike parks of 4 to 5 levels! For our little family, it was our first bike trip. Indeed, crossing this country by motorhome, it is much easier to park far from the city centers, take the bikes out, and visit the cities.

We were able to enjoy it all together with a tow bar that allowed her to rest or ensure her safety in town! This country is very accessible by bike: bike paths everywhere in the city, in the countryside, all marked out, allowing to make kilometers without the stress of getting lost.

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