Wok Cooking

Wok Cooking: Benefits of Wok Cooking

Summary     – What is wok cooking?     – Advantages of wok cooking.     – Where to go to eat in an authentic Thai restaurant?     – Would you like to reproduce Thai restaurant dishes


    – What is wok cooking?

    – Advantages of wok cooking.

    – Where to go to eat in an authentic Thai restaurant?

    – Would you like to reproduce Thai restaurant dishes at home?

Heat your wok with a bit of oil. Pour in your ingredients in turn, the longest to cook first, the quickest to cook last. Stir constantly: the food will be seared on the bottom of the wok, then continue to cook on the sides; in a few minutes, it’s done!

The wok is a kitchen utensil that offers a multitude of cooking possibilities. Cooking healthy and fast has never been easier than with a wok. In this post, we will tell you about the advantages of wok cooking and how you may end up becoming a Thai Cuisine Chef in your kitchen!

What is wok cooking?

The wok is originally a cooking utensil used for 2,000 years by Asians. Today, the wok is more and more present in the kitchen of all the countries. It is available in different diameters, generally between 26 and 35 cm. It is possible to combine it with various accessories necessary for the preparation of food, namely:

    – the bamboo basket for steaming;

    – the grid, an essential accessory designed to isolate food from water when steaming, drain food fried in oil and keep warm;

    – the lid with handle, with a curved shape: it protects the food from heat and is essential to ensure a suitable circuit of the steam allowing the various dishes to remain soft;

    – a spatula to mix without scratching.

Good to know: some woks run on electricity. They are equipped with an electric resistance heating block and a thermostat with heat regulation.

The wok is shaped like a conical bowl, the narrowest part being the base of the wok. This same shape allows a perfect distribution of heat and prevents most food from being too close to the cooking plate.

 Your wok can be cast iron, enamelled cast iron, steel, stone, stainless steel or ceramic and equipped with one or two handles. 

You can use the wok on gas, electric, induction or glass-ceramic hob.

Note: wok cooking is speedy and suitable for minced meat or vegetables.

The wok is a multi-purpose cooking tool that you can use for: simmering, marinating, steaming, grilling, stir-frying, roasting, frying, boiling and reheating.

Good to know: wok cooking is excellent for certain foods such as meat, vegetables, fish, which requires no (or very little) fat.

Advantages of wok cooking.

Wok cooking:

Wok cooking has many advantages:

    – For the user: fast cooking, economical cooking method, easy to maintain since a simple sponge is enough, does not stick.

    – For the consumer, wok cooking is: healthy because the nutritional qualities of food are preserved tasty, food retains its flavour and softness.

Good to know: cooking in a wok is much healthier than cooking in a frying pan or saucepan, or even in the oven.

Do you want to eat in an authentic Thai restaurant?

We strongly recommend you to go to Mia Thai Cuisine, located in the heart of Montreal, on St-Denis street. You will find traditional Thai curries, stir-fries and other wok dishes. Go there and don’t forget to tell us about your experience!

Would you like to reproduce their dishes at home?

We also strongly recommend you to check Mia Thai Cuisine because they will soon offer cooking classes for all those who want to reproduce their dishes at home. Fortunately, you will impress your guests with your new Thai cooking skills, and we can’t wait for you to tell us about your new recipes!


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