Traveling To Sri Lanka: Things To Do in Galle

Located in the southern part of Sri Lanka, Galle has a rich history. If you do a little research on tours of Sri Lanka, you will always come across Galle, or more accurately, Galle Fort

Located in the southern part of Sri Lanka, Galle has a rich history. If you do a little research on tours of Sri Lanka, you will always come across Galle, or more accurately, Galle Fort or the Old City. If you’re visiting this wonderful place in Sri Lanka and wondering what are all the things you should do, here are some tips to help you!

Visiting Impressive Monuments

In Galle, there is such a blend of culture and architecture that it is easy to forget that you are in Sri Lanka. Strolling through the Dutch-style buildings under the shade of palm trees gives you a European feel.

Even if you are not a culture buff, the buildings inside Galle Fort will take your breath away. The fort is a sprawling monument, with fascinating museums and beautiful churches lining its walls. Don’t miss the magnificent clock tower above the fort, overlooking the sea.

The Lighthouse

The lighthouse is a tourist attraction that attracts many Instagram accounts and is an excellent base for a day in Gaulfort. The lighthouse is located next to the ocean and offers a great vantage point. The white tower is incredibly photogenic with the tropical palm trees in the background.

Coffee Break at the Yara Hotel

The Yara Hotel is a relatively new and luxurious hotel where you can relax on the deck chairs on the terrace. After walking on the city walls, you may need a coffee break. They serve fresh, delicious coffee, and the staff is friendly.

Hotel Yara Galle Fort, Galle -

Dutch Reformed Church

Around the corner from the Yara Hotel is the Dutch Reformed Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a beautiful and majestic building built in 1755 and decorated with the most beautiful wicker and wooden benches. It is extraordinary to walk through it and immerse yourself in a piece of Dutch and Sri Lankan history.

Lunch at Fort Bazaar

The Fort Bazaar is a charming but expensive hotel. It also has a great restaurant with an extensive menu of mainly Western food, and good quality coffee. While you’re waiting for your food, be sure to check out the hotel lobby. It is beautifully decorated with a serene atmosphere. It is a beautiful place to recover from all the noise of Galle.

Old Dutch Hospital

Take a walk around the Old Dutch Hospital. The old hospital occupies two floors and is now a gathering place for stores and restaurants. It was mainly designed for tourists, but it is a pleasant place to see. The structure itself is a beautiful piece of architecture.

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Walking Along the Fortress Walls

From the lighthouse, you can walk on (part of) the fortress walls. You can look out over the city and see the sea as you walk. Depending on the time of year you visit Galle, we recommend taking this walk early in the morning, as the temperature can be pretty high and there is little shade..

Shopping in Galle Fort

There are many creative stores in the center of Galle Fort where you can buy the most beautiful and original souvenirs. You don’t have enough space in your bag? Don’t worry; you can also buy some of the most beautiful and colorful postcards and posters of Sri Lanka. It’s also an excellent place to buy a travel diary! Prefer an exceptional souvenir? Then you can go to the Tallentire House. Here you can find sustainable products made of the most beautiful fabrics. Think cushion covers, toiletry cases, clothes, and more lovely souvenirs

Top 10 chicest boutiques in Galle Fort | Insight Guides Blog

If you want the best weather during your trip, the best time to go to Galle is in December, January, February, and March. The weather in Galle and Sri Lanka is often best during these months, especially with low rainfall.

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