Top 6 Tips For Solo Travelers

Traveling alone as a woman raises questions in a society where women do not always feel safe. However, solo travel is becoming more and more popular, and many women want to take the plunge to

Traveling alone as a woman raises questions in a society where women do not always feel safe. However, solo travel is becoming more and more popular, and many women want to take the plunge to blossom through travel. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best tips to help women dare to take the plunge into solo travel!

1. Adopt the small steps technique


As a woman, going on a solo trip for the first time can be scary. You may be afraid of the unknown, insecurity, and inability to express yourself in a foreign language… In short, you may find many reasons not to go. Adopting the technique of small steps is a solution that many women have implemented to help them free themselves from their fears.

It is about taking the steps one by one, without rushing, by increasing the challenges little by little. For example, you can consider a weekend close to home for your first solo trip. Then, a first backpacking trip in a neighboring country. In order to blossom in travel, you must leave your comfort zone, step by step, without taking too many risks at once.

2. Get informed before leaving for a solo trip

Social networks and blogs are a gold mine for all travelers, especially solo travelers looking for advice! It’s easy to connect with other women who have traveled solo, learn about their experiences, and get advice from them. The Facebook group We Are Backpackeuses has no less than 139,000 members to date! In these groups, you can even find a travel companion if the idea of going solo is too scary at first.

3. Communicate the itinerary of your solo trip to your friends and stay in touch with them


Of course, when traveling solo as a woman, safety remains one of our main concerns. Establishing an itinerary and communicating it to those around you seems to be the first step in ensuring your safety. Keeping in touch with your family and friends is also essential; if they have no news, they will be able to alert the competent authorities.

Registering your trip on Ariane for a trip of fewer than six months is also interesting. This is a government platform where you can register your trip details. In case of an incident in the country, the traveler will be warned by email or SMS, and safety instructions will be given. When registering, you will also be given a person to contact in an emergency. If the situation warrants it, this person will be alerted.

4. Meeting people on a solo trip for a woman

It is easy to meet people when you travel alone because you are much more approachable than when you are in a group. You are also more open to others and more available to start a conversation. Solo travelers are numerous worldwide and often find themselves in the same places. “The place to be” to meet female travelers: youth hostels. They are the place to be if you want to be sure to make contacts easily.

They are specially designed to encourage connections between travelers: activities, sightseeing tours, themed evenings, and sometimes with a café-restaurant. Similarly, participating in guided tours can be a great way to meet people. In many big cities, you can easily find “free walking tours,” for example, which are free guided tours.

A final suggestion for feeling less lonely on a solo trip would be to turn to couchsurfing. This practice consists of sleeping in the homes of local people for free, most of the time on the couch. Cultural exchange is the main motivation of the hosts, so it’s a great way to meet local people who will happily share their travel tips!

5. Traveling solo as a woman, some precautions to take

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The question of safety when traveling alone as a woman comes up again and again, and this is understandable when you look at the testimonies in Facebook groups or the news in certain media. However, you can travel safely in many countries by taking a few basic precautions, which are common sense.

When arriving at a new destination, it is important to ask the locals for advice, to understand your new environment, and identify the areas to avoid, especially at night. The first piece of advice is perhaps the most obvious: avoid walking alone at night. On the other hand, as a European, you will be easily perceived as rich depending on the country you are traveling in.

Finally, following your intuition is essential. It is a good idea to avoid wearing extravagant and expensive clothing or jewelry or to not display electronic devices such as a nice camera or a state-of-the-art computer. When you feel bad energy in a strange place, don’t hesitate to leave or say no to a person who doesn’t inspire confidence.

6. Solo traveler, always have a plan B

Before leaving, a few steps can be useful to avoid finding yourself at the end of the world with no money and no identity papers. It’s best to have several bank cards, at least two, which you should keep in two different bags. This way, in case of loss or theft, there will always be a backup solution. Moreover, bank cards often have a monthly payment and withdrawal limit, so having a second card can be very practical!

On the other hand, in many countries, payment in cash is the norm. You can quickly find yourself with a large amount of money on you. Once again, dividing this amount and spreading it over several places seems to be a reasonable precaution. Finally, before leaving, it is recommended to scan your identity papers to have them available both on your phone and also on a cloud in case your phone is lost or stolen.

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